22 Jun 2017

Fundraising isn’t easy, and it isn’t something we learn in school. It can be a game changer to know that our stories and the stories of those we serve are the greatest asset for funding our mission.  Wether you are just starting out or have been doing this for a while, what we can easily miss and forget in the hustle of trying to meet funding goals is that our story is the foundation to “WHY” we fundraise. This might be your personal story if you are a founder, an advocate, or missionary working to build a following. Or if you are an organizational fundraiser, the people you serve have stories that need to be told and you are the gatekeeper to leveraging those stories of despair to creating opportunities of hope for the community.  Dollars can be inspired deposits of hope from the hearts of your donors, not a burden that they need to fulfill. I hope you find this E-book encouraging and helpful in using story to turn the obstacles of fundraising into opportunities to fund your mission.

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16 Feb 2017
February 12th was the National Day of Jewish Action for Refugees and an important moment for groups across the cultural and religious divide to come together and express their desire to welcome and protect refugees of all faiths.
In the 1930’s, Jewish refugees were turned away by the US in their greatest hour of need. HIAS, the refugee agency of the Jewish community, organized this rally as a call to the president to not repeat the calloused act in our history.


08 Feb 2017
On Friday February 3rd, citizens rallied outside Senator Gardner’s office to deliver letters and the message that we want him to take action to void the executive order against refugees. – READ MORE


26 Jan 2017

Amal Kassir – shares her story and voice for refugees and immigrants.  

“I am a Muslim and I worship a God of graciousness and mercy. I am a women who visibly where’s her faith on her head. I am an American of German and Syrian descent born and raised in Denver, Colorado”