25 Feb 2022

Celebrate Black History Month

On February 16th, we celebrated Black History Month and it was an enriching experience. Amber Kierra, the founder of Kingdom Eyes, shared her insight on how to put on “Kingdom Eyes” to see where we are and where we are going.

She shared her story as a black, blind, female, offering a unique perspective on how to acknowledge and appreciate our differences. The talk was a hope-infused inspiration to love our neighbor and embrace our differences with an open heart.

She shared how she has found freedom from the perceptions and limiting perspectives of the world:

“I have three different ways I’ve learned to sing a freedom song as a black woman in America…through God’s Sovereignty, His Sight, and His Spirit”

“I know what it feels like to think that ‘Freedom will come…If only I wasn’t black…If only I didn’t have this disability…Or if only my skin wasn’t so dark.’ But because I’m a child of God I have the ability to be free right now”… “I can choose to live my life not by how the world sees me, but based on how God sees me.”

– Amber Kierra @amberkierra , Kingdom Eyes @kingdomeyesofficial