19 May 2020

Digital Communications: How to Engage with Your Donors and Constituents [Free Webinar]

By Patrick Kennedy

3 min read

Now more than ever our ability to communicate through digital channels is a priority, particularly if we want to stay engaged with our donors and constituents. This is the first of a series of blogs that will hopefully help you think strategically about your communications and lead you on a journey to ultimately thrive in your marketing, fundraising, and outreach. I like to think of communications as the heart that is pumping blood through the body. With a healthy heart your organization is going to think clearly, speak effectively, and run productively.  

As we start out on this journey I’m going to guide you to one of my favorite resources on this topic which is a communications agency out of New York City. Their name is Big Duck and this is a webinar on communications called “Engagement” from their Nonprofit Communications Engine Series

Here’s the big take away: “Start with a strategy anchored in an understanding of your audiences, the actions you want them to take, and what’s in it for them.” – Big Duck

The Nonprofit Communications Engine online workshops session 2: Engagement from Big Duck on Vimeo.

Engagement with your audience is what drives donations, connects your services to constituents, and ultimately builds community around your cause. Effective engagement starts with your strategy not your tactics. While digital communications uses an array of digital channels to communicate, we also need to start at the beginning which is your strategy. So if a board member has a great idea about implementing the newest social media channel you can refer back to your strategy, overlay it with your audience personas, and then get a clear idea if it’s going to be the channel you need to implement or not. 

This is the type of thought leader I like to follow and being an active learner is what makes our work better. I hope that it helps you out!