Women's Village Campaign

We produced a fundraising campaign with the Colorado Village Collaborative that secured funds and increased donor engagement to provide housing for those experiencing homelessness in Denver. The campaign inspired the community to not only give but also start their own fundraisers to support a tiny home village for women.

When the opportunity came up to partner with the Colorado Village Collaborative, it was obvious that it was time to build a second tiny home village for women and that we needed to produce a fundraising campaign that harnessed the desires of the community to find a reasonable solution for our unhoused neighbors. 
Rhonda, a resident of the current tiny home village, was then highlighted as having a story that represented the need to rapidly find housing for our most vulnerable on the streets. Her story of “Despair to Hope” – finding new life, community, and the opportunity to flourish personified what could be every women’s story who had access to a home and a supportive community.   
By sharing Rhonda’s story through a campaign web page and through cohesive multi-channel communications, we began to engage the community and create direct response appeals that began to stir up a whirlwind of generosity. The campaign surpassed its initial goal of $22,000 to build an initial home, which then raised over $55,000 in 6 months through peer-to-peer fundraising. This campaign provided a needed boost to the movement; creating social proof to raise funds from major donors, engage the community, and build the capacity of the organization. 

“It was like a reason to live. It was a flourishing time in my life. I just felt good about myself. I just felt a sense of belonging…”
Rhonda’s story is the beginning of Denver’s second tiny home village for those experiencing homelessness.

“The campaign that we built, under Patrick’s leadership, highlighted themes that emerged directly from the words and experiences of villagers of the previous tiny home village. Our constituency then responded to the message by launching their own fundraisers that would go towards our funding goals. Patrick’s work is thoughtful, creative, and crisp. He communicates messages clearly through multiple mediums in a way that connects with human beings.”
Cole Chandler, Executive Director,
Colorado Village Collaborative