28 Mar 2022

Do You Have A Monthly Giving Program?

Now is the time to be focused on your Monthly Giving Program and appealing to those potential donors.

Though building relationships and nurturing donors happens year round it is tough to be focused and effective trying to spotlight multiple campaigns at once. So your monthly giving program can be focused on seasonally. Typically a good time to do this is between your spring and year-end fundraising campaigns. Right after your year-end campaign in the mid-winter into your spring campaign and after the summer break, late July into early fall before you would launch your holiday and year-end plans.

Your Monthly Giving Program is a very important component of your fundraising plan because:

A Monthly Giving Program can bring financial stability to your organization by moving one-time and annual givers up the engagement ladder to be more invested in your mission, increasing their lifetime giving value and increasing the likelihood of keeping those donors engaged in your mission long-term.

The beauty of a branded monthly giving program is that you can create a more loyal and engaged community within your giving circle. Think of these givers as long-term investors in the success of the mission. Companies engage investors differently from one-time customers and in the same way you need uniquely engage donors to create depth and stability for your mission.

A one-time giver is much like a one-time consumer, it may take several one-time engagements before they decide that they really like what they are putting their money towards. As a one-time giver becomes more consistent and engaged then you would then consider reaching out and inviting that person to become a monthly giver. Just like someone who may subscribe to a monthly purchase of their favorite coffee or streaming service. And since your mission is community-driven, this is your opportunity to create a circle of people that are more deeply invested, and connected to the community and the mission.

Here is an example of a Monthly Giving Program we developed for Kingdom Eyes, a faith-based disability awareness organization. Their Monthly Giving Program is called Kingdom Buildersbecause they have identified people who really like the mission and understand it takes an investment to see tangible and lasting change.

This program breaks down what the donor would be investing in and why. It then goes on to invite people into a quarterly gathering to grow spiritually, fellowship, and connect with like-minded people. The community-building opportunity is to make it fun and make it unique to your culture. An end goal would be that people walk away feeling good, at times challenged, and overall connected, knowing they belong to a community that matters.

See more here: kingdomeyes.org/Builders