Your Story Adventure3

Fundraising isn’t easy, and it isn’t something we learn in school. It can be a game changer to know that our stories and the stories of those we serve are the greatest asset for funding our mission. Whether you are just starting out or have been doing this for a while, what we can easily miss and forget in the hustle of trying to meet funding goals is that our story is the foundation to “WHY” we fundraise.




“Kavana Creative has offered an amazing gift with this free E-Book. From this concise short read I have already applied several principles outlined in this book. I would strongly urge any leader to take a look at this E-book. Patrick Kennedy has provided insight on how to move an organization to the next level in their story telling and fundraising.”
Peter Bower, Founder & Pastor, Monument Church


“Patrick helped us develop a robust marketing and fundraising strategy, getting us to a place where we have been able to secure financial stability by creating a diverse stream of funding sources.”
Frank Anello, Founder & ED, Project Worthmore


“Patrick gave our organization an opportunity to think broadly about how we are communicating with people on all levels – through email, mail, in person, social media, and our website – by evaluating communication strategies that are tied into our fundraising platforms and thinking through how to communicate with people most effectively.”
Angela Bomgaars, Executive Director, Extreme Community Makeover