15 Feb 2024


Fundraising can be a daunting journey, but you’re not alone. You have an ally in navigating the challenges. Through a thoughtful approach, together we can transform your nonprofit’s trajectory. Our approach is anchored in personalized storytelling, seamlessly executed campaigns, and a mindful strategy, designed to elevate your organization.

Let’s dive into how we can go on this journey together.

Personalized Storytelling:

In the hustle of fundraising, your nonprofit’s narrative deserves to be more than a mere report of events and outcomes—it should be a compelling saga that resonates deeply with your tribe. Thoughtful storytelling ensures that your mission’s distinctive facets are not just acknowledged but celebrated. From an individual’s personality, needs, and successes to articulating the tangible impact of every contribution to the community, we’re dedicated to transforming your constituents’ story into a memorable connection that inspires.

Multi-Channel Campaigns:

Fundraising shouldn’t be a solo performance. Through campaign strategy we are ready to stand by your side, leveraging your people and assets to orchestrate multi-channel campaigns that ensure your message reverberates across diverse platforms. From traditional mail to social media engagement, email, and events, we tailor campaigns to suit the preferences of your audience. Mindfulness is our promise, guaranteeing your voice is heard clearly and with heart-felt intention, creating a buzz that sticks in the hearts and minds of your donors.


In the ever-evolving landscape of fundraising, experience is your ally, and we’re here to make it work for you. Our thoughtful mindset integrates analytics, segmentation, and a personable email and social media presence. Picture a world where fundraising becomes a rewarding and engaging experience for you and your supporters. We are on a mission to turn the fundraising landscape into a symphony of campaign processes ensuring a dynamic, enjoyable journey for you and your donors.

Fundraising is hard, but remember, you’re not alone. Let’s do this journey together—aligning heartfelt personalized storytelling, the dynamism of multi-channel campaigns, and a mindful strategy. We’re your partners in creating narratives that resonate, engage, and raise funds that allow you to thrive. Together, let’s sculpt a strategy that fits the uniqueness of your mission and serves your community!

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01 Feb 2024

Faith-based organizations are at a critical juncture. The challenges are multifaceted, from declining donor trust to the erosion of traditional engagement avenues. Yet, amidst these challenges lie opportunities for innovation and adaptation. 

By examining recent Faith-Based Giving Reports and understanding the dynamics of generosity across the nonprofit sector, there is an opportunity to embrace new strategies for donor engagement that can chart a path for organizations toward a future filled with impact and growth.

As we compare the challenges and opportunities found in the Givelify Giving in Faith 2024 Report to prevailing findings of faith-based philanthropy in the nonprofit sector presented by Classy’s Faith-Based Giving Trends we can begin to chart the path ahead.

Understanding the Landscape of Faith-Based Generosity:

Recent studies on charitable giving in the United States have raised concerns about declining generosity, while informal forms of giving are prevalent among people of faith. 

The Giving in Faith 2024 Report, produced by Givelify in collaboration with the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving at Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, offers a comprehensive exploration of faith-based giving in the U.S. by examining the perspectives of individual givers, faith leaders, and congregations.

The Giving in Faith 2024 Report highlights the deep-rooted connection between faith and philanthropy, showcasing how religious beliefs are powerful motivators for giving. Despite concerns about declining giving nationwide, faith-based individuals have exhibited remarkable generosity, contributing not only financially but also through their time and resources. The report also underscores the pivotal role of faith institutions in fostering community development and social impact, serving as beacons of hope in times of need.

Navigating Challenges and Seizing Opportunities

The landscape of faith-based fundraising has its challenges though. Declining church attendance, decreasing religious affiliation, and a loss of trust in religious organizations at a macro scale pose significant obstacles to fundraising efforts. 

However, these challenges also present opportunities for innovation and adaptation. By understanding generational dynamics and crafting tailored experiences for donors we can overcome barriers to engagement and inspire a new wave of generosity.

The Current Sector Landscape

According to the 2024 Edelman Trust Barometer, the nonprofit sector is experiencing a decline in donor trust, with consumers now placing more trust in for-profit businesses than nonprofits. This trend is particularly significant for faith-based organizations, given the additional pressures they face:

  • Decline in Church Attendance: The number of church attendees has yet to fully recover from the lows of the pandemic, impacting the traditional avenues for engagement and donations.
  • Decrease in Religious Affiliation: By 2020, only 47 percent of Americans belonged to a house of worship, indicating a decline in religious affiliation and potential donors.
  • Erosion of Trust: Religious organizations are no longer the most trusted charities in the U.S., further exacerbating the challenges faced by faith-based nonprofits.

While these trends may seem daunting, they also present an opportunity for innovation and adaptation. As Mark Neigh, Vice President of Digital at Masterworks, puts it,

 “Many people leave the church because they don’t see organized religion living out the core principles they believe in, like helping those in need.” 

This sentiment underscores the importance of creating relevant and meaningful experiences for donors, particularly younger generations who are seeking authenticity and impact in their philanthropic endeavors.

Generational Dynamics:

Understanding the motivations and preferences of segmented generations is important to crafting effective engagement strategies. While younger generations may approach philanthropy differently from their predecessors, the underlying ethos of generosity remains consistent across generations. By leveraging digital platforms and storytelling techniques, faith-based organizations can create meaningful connections with donors and foster a sense of belonging to your cause.

Crafting Tailored Experiences:

Faith-based organizations must move beyond transactional interactions and focus on creating transformative experiences. Whether through community-building initiatives, compelling branding, or multichannel marketing strategies, there is an opportunity to cultivate deep, long-lasting relationships with donors. By aligning messaging and outreach efforts with the preferences of each generation, faith-based organizations can inspire continued support and loyalty.

Key Strategies for Success

  • Community Building: Establishing a community is essential for retaining donors across generations. Faith-based organizations can leverage the power of faith and aligned values to build community, particularly by leveraging segmented messages,  relevant storytelling, and strategic events to engage constituents, donors, and prospects by fostering peer-to-peer connections.
  • Branding: Building a story-informed brand identity can instill trust and legitimacy among donors, particularly younger generations. Consistent messaging and related storytelling will strengthen connections and inspire involvement.
  • Multichannel Campaigns: Embracing a multichannel approach will allow you to tailor a unified message that connects with constituents and potential donors across multiple engagement points and platforms. Using digital and traditional approaches with segmented audiences will ensure you are maximizing your potential and effectiveness.

Embracing Change for Growth:

Faith-based organizations can proactively adapt to the evolving fundraising landscape. By understanding donor motivations and preferences and by fostering meaningful connections and experiences, organizations can reverse downward giving trends and pave the way for sustainable growth and impact.

As we navigate the uncertainties of the future, one thing remains clear: the power of generosity and community transcends generations and challenges. By harnessing the power of storytelling, data intelligence, and community building, organizations can pivot their fundraising strategies to meet the evolving needs of donors.

While change is inevitable if we are purposed to listen, learn, and respond mindfully, the path forward can be hope-filled for your organization as we continuously learn what inspires and motivates donors to give.

Read more about the Power of Listening in Fundraising

With Gratitude,


05 Sep 2023

Have you ever wondered what truly matters to your donors? The key lies in a simple yet profound act: listening. It’s the cornerstone of fundraising, setting the stage for meaningful connections and informed actions.

In the realm of fundraising, donors take center stage, and you must resist dictating what should matter to them. Instead, the focus shifts to hearing directly from donors and learning about their interests, passions, and motivations.

1: Do Less, Listen More 

The journey begins with establishing two-way communication from the onset. A three-part automated email series for new donors can allow you to prioritize listening right from the start. By encouraging responses to these emails and personalizing replies, this approach will signal a donor-centric attitude.

2: Tune Into Donors

Digital behaviors, website visits, email clicks—these are all signals that reveal a donor’s engagement level and interests. Utilizing tracking tools and social listening enables you to gather insights efficiently, fostering connections based on individual preferences.

3: Survey Your Lists

Regularly seek formal feedback through surveys and interviews. By asking insightful questions, understanding donor motivations, and adapting strategies accordingly, you demonstrate a commitment to refining your fundraising approach and building relationships with donors.

4: Pay Attention to Social Media

Social media is a great listening platform, offering insights into donor interests and sentiments. Engaging actively in online conversations and identifying influential donors can amplify the impact of your fundraising.

5: Map Relationships

Understanding donors within their communities is powerful. By mapping relationships based on social groups, you can suggest more personalized actions, building micro-movements for your cause.

6: Be Curious. Ask Questions

Every interaction is an opportunity to learn more. Whether through casual conversations or formal surveys, organizations can extract valuable insights by staying curious and encouraging team members to do the same.

7: Have A Feedback Loop

Feedback loops should be simple, standardized, and actionable. Closing the loop on donor feedback ensures a responsive approach and strengthens donor relationships.

8: Group Donors By Personas

Creating donor personas based on collected data allows organizations to tailor communications, content, and actions for different donor segments. This personalized approach enhances the overall donor experience.

For example, suppose you discover three distinct donor groups through a feedback loop. By defining new donor personas, you can now tailor your communications to appeal to each group’s specific interests.

In the world of fundraising, every interaction is a chance to listen, learn, and connect. By placing donors at the heart of the journey, you can forge lasting relationships and make a meaningful impact.

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10 May 2023

The journey of running a nonprofit organization is filled with challenges and fundraising can sometimes feel overwhelming, leaving you wondering where to turn for support. Fear not, here is a fundraising framework just for you!

1. Know Your Audience: Build Meaningful Connections

In the world of engaged fundraising, understanding your audience is key. Take the time to connect with your supporters on a personal level. This insight can help you to craft a compelling stories that resonates with them. Share stories of impact, showcasing the real-life change your nonprofit is making. Send a timely “Thank You” note and include a bit of encouragement. Make your supporters feel like integral members of your community, and they’ll be more likely to engage and contribute.

2. Use Multi-Channel Campaigns: Meet Your Donors Where They Are

Multi-channel fundraising campaigns help you to build a following, engage constituents, and raise money! Don’t limit yourself to a single platform – a diversified and integrated approach is the key. Engage with your audience across various channels, including social media, email, and even traditional methods like direct mail. By meeting your people where they are, you increase the chances of catching their attention and building a relationship that goes beyond a follow, a like, or a one-time donation.

3. Segment Your Donor Base: Personalization Matters

Segmentation will supercharge your campaigns and amplify your engagement. The process will also help you understand who your followers, constituents, and donors are. Personalization is not just a buzzword; it’s a strategy that can significantly boost engagement. Identify key segments within your database and tailor your messaging to address their specific interests and motivations. A personalized approach makes people feel valued and understood, fostering a deeper connection with your cause.

4. Streamline Technology: Simplify Your Processes

Technology is your ally in the quest for fundraising success. Leverage fundraising platforms, CRM systems, and other tools that can streamline your processes. Automation can help reduce administrative burdens, allowing you to focus more on building relationships with donors. Embracing technology doesn’t just make your life easier; it also creates a more seamless and enjoyable experience for your supporters.

5. Set Clear Goals: Inspire Action with a Purpose

Your donors want to be a part of something meaningful. Clearly articulate your fundraising goals and how they contribute to your overarching mission. Make your goals specific, measurable, and time-bound. When donors understand the impact of their contributions, they are more likely to feel a sense of purpose and urgency, driving them to take action.

6. Celebrate Milestones: Show Appreciation and Recognition

Acknowledging the efforts and contributions of your donors is crucial for building lasting relationships. Create a culture of appreciation with timely recognition. Wait too long and you may miss the opportunity for a second gift. Show appreciation through social media shout-outs, personalized emails, “Thank You” cards, and donor appreciation events. You need to make your supporters feel like the heroes they are.

7. Diversify Revenue Streams: Plan for Long-Term Sustainability

To thrive it’s essential to diversify your revenue streams. Explore various fundraising avenues, such as recurring campaigns, business partnerships, workplace giving, event sponsorships, and peer-to-peer programs. By establishing a diverse funding portfolio, you not only insulate your organization from economic uncertainties but also create a foundation for long-term sustainability.

In the fundraising journey, remember that every interaction with your supporters is an opportunity to strengthen your community and advance your mission. Embrace the insights shared and infuse them with your unique passion and dedication.

Hopefully, this has been a source of inspiration and a beacon of hope. Together, we can create a future where your nonprofit not only survives but flourishes, making a lasting impact on the lives you touch.

I am here to help with personalized storytelling, multi-channel campaigns, and a mindful approach, so you’re poised to not just survive but thrive in the world of fundraising.

Keep inspiring, keep connecting, and keep bringing hope to the world.

With gratitude,


13 Apr 2023

When the City of Denver, nonprofit partners, and State resources became overwhelmed with the influx of migrants at the beginning of 2023, a representative from the State of Colorado reached out to see if the Church could help to welcome, host, and care for newly arrived migrants.

We responded by producing a collaborative forum to gather the City of Denver, service providers, churches, businesses, and concerned citizens to learn how to engage and support our new neighbors.

The Love Thy Neighbor forum was an insightful discussion as we heard from Shantelle & Chad Mullinik with the West Colfax Lampstand. As well as Juan with Providence Bible & Roberto with Renuevo Church. 

It seemed like an appropriate time for those who had been working diligently on the issue to share and connect, as well as to glean and discern the next steps.

When Roberto and Juan shared their story of working together to serve 70 Venezuelan migrants that had walked through the doors of Renuevo Church, it was apparent that their collaboration was not only unique but possibly a future model for bridging resources to serve the needs of our new neighbors.

We are exploring how to bridge the resource gap and encourage collaborative service models similar to Providence Bible and Renuevo Church.

16 Jun 2022

It was a beautiful evening remembering Isabella Joy Thallas and loved ones lost to violence as we prayed for healing and peace at the second annual Bella Joy Gardens Memorial.

We stood with Ana Hernandez-Thallas to remember loved ones lost and to celebrate the life of her daughter Isabella Joy Thallas, a ballpark murder victim, whose life was tragically taken by gun violence on June 10th, 2020.

At this small park in the heart of Denver, we celebrated life with food, fun, and friendship. Then we entered into a time of remembrance, prayer, and a candlelight vigil to raise our light toward all who have suffered and mourned, spreading healing and hope with our lives in the city.

13 Apr 2022

On March 23rd, we gathered in response to the increase in violent crimes, gun violence, and lives lost in our city. Though there are complex issues that go into why we are experiencing this violence, the gathering was a response and a forum to express concerns, prayers, and insights in the pursuit of peace in our city.

Lewis “Proxy” Brown, A well-known musician, faith leader, and moderator for the evening highlighted that coming together as the Church in the city is a great first step. He stated the next step is then to “Be Peacemakers” – He shared that being a peacemaker is not the same as being a peacekeeper.

“A Peacemaker is someone who works on behalf of peace…And what’s hard about that is sometimes you have to first work through your own pain and grief for peace.”

We had the pleasure of having several leaders in the city share their stories and insights into their peacemaking journey.

One of those was Armondo Saldate, assistant deputy director of the Department of Public Safety. He shared that we have gone through a lot of trauma in the city that has been magnified by the pandemic along with many co-occurring issues. He shared that “I come here as a peacemaker… and we need more safe spaces to talk through the trauma.”

Armondo talked about putting leadership together to address the root causes co-occurring with violent acts in the city – and that “We cannot arrest ourselves out of this problem… Police are not going to solve every problem by arresting people and incarcerating them – putting them in that cycle is not the solution…A big part of what we need is in this room…”

28 Mar 2022

Now is the time to be focused on your Monthly Giving Program and appealing to those potential donors.

In the dynamic world of fundraising, finding the right focus for your efforts is essential, and your Monthly Giving Program could be the key to unlocking a sustained and engaged donor base. Building relationships and nurturing donors is a year-round task, but strategic focus can significantly boost your program’s effectiveness. Let’s explore why your Monthly Giving Program is a vital component of your fundraising plan.

Finding the Right Timing:

Navigating multiple campaigns simultaneously can be overwhelming, making it challenging to effectively engage potential donors. Consider shining a spotlight on your Monthly Giving Program between your spring and year-end fundraising campaigns. This targeted approach allows you to capture the attention of potential donors without competing with other campaigns.

The Importance of Your Monthly Giving Program:

Your Monthly Giving Program holds a pivotal role in providing financial stability to your organization. By transitioning one-time and annual givers up the engagement ladder, you cultivate a deeper investment in your mission. This not only increases their lifetime giving value but also enhances the likelihood of retaining these donors in the long run.

Building a Loyal Community:

A branded monthly giving program offers the opportunity to create a loyal and engaged community within your giving circle. Imagine these contributors as long-term investors in the success of your mission. Engaging monthly donors requires a unique approach, much like companies interact with investors differently from one-time customers. This strategy adds depth and stability to your mission, fostering a sense of belonging among your donors.

Moving from One-Time to Monthly Giving:

Just as a one-time consumer may need several engagements before becoming a loyal customer, so too does a one-time giver. Gradually, as their consistency and engagement increase, you can extend an invitation for them to become monthly donors. Think of it like someone subscribing to a monthly service they love. As a community-driven mission, this is your chance to create a circle of deeply invested individuals connected not just to your cause but to each other and the community.

Real-Life Inspiration: Kingdom Eyes Monthly Giving Program

For example consider the Monthly Giving Program that we developed for Kingdom Eyes, a disability awareness organization. Branded as “Kingdom Builders,” this program identifies individuals who resonate with the mission and understand the transformative power of their investment. The program breaks down the impact of the donor’s investment and extends an invitation to quarterly gatherings for community and connection with like-minded individuals. This community-building opportunity aims to be both fun and uniquely aligned with the organization’s culture, ensuring that participants walk away feeling connected and part of a community that truly matters.

A Monthly Giving Program can bring financial stability to your organization by moving one-time and annual givers up the engagement ladder to be more invested in your mission, increasing their lifetime giving value and increasing the likelihood of keeping those donors engaged in your mission long-term.

25 Feb 2022

On February 16th, we celebrated Black History Month and it was an enriching experience. Amber Kierra, the founder of Kingdom Eyes, shared her insight on how to put on “Kingdom Eyes” to see where we are and where we are going.

She shared her story as a black, blind, female, offering a unique perspective on how to acknowledge and appreciate our differences. The talk was a hope-infused inspiration to love our neighbor and embrace our differences with an open heart.

She shared how she has found freedom from the perceptions and limiting perspectives of the world:

“I have three different ways I’ve learned to sing a freedom song as a black woman in America…through God’s Sovereignty, His Sight, and His Spirit”

“I know what it feels like to think that ‘Freedom will come…If only I wasn’t black…If only I didn’t have this disability…Or if only my skin wasn’t so dark.’ But because I’m a child of God I have the ability to be free right now”… “I can choose to live my life not by how the world sees me, but based on how God sees me.”

– Amber Kierra @amberkierra , Kingdom Eyes @kingdomeyesofficial

18 Oct 2021

Meet Amber! She is bridging the divide in our faith communities for those with disabilities and sharing her experiences and story as a solo, black, female, founder. Her story of God taking her pain and flipping it into possibility for herself and for those with disabilities is causing new vision and faith to rise up in people’s lives to see themselves as God sees them.

Meeting Amber and journeying with her has been an amazing experience that you will want to have!

Meet Amber @amberkierra & @kingdomeyesofficial

And check out her POSSIBILITY Campaign at KingdomEyes.org/Possibility