KAVANA Creative is a cause focused agency, 
working to enrich our communities.

We deliver Capacity Building, Marketing, and Fundraising experiences that will 

Launch Your Vision, Increase Your Impact, and Fund Your Mission. 

Why This Agency?

KAVANA means to be “mindful, have intention, or focused direction of the heart.” This is our greatest asset and our commitment to you.
This agency started with the heartfelt mindset that we all have the infinite potential to impact our communities for the common good; from our philanthropy to our business.
The Cause is to promote the health, welfare, and prosperity of our communities by working with leaders, faith communities, nonprofits, businesses, and city governments, to see our world flourish.
Your mission does not have to struggle.
Your purpose is worth pursuing and your story is worth sharing! We understand that marketing and fundraising can be difficult. Fundraising is certainly not something you learn in school. We can help you break through these barriers so that you can launch your vision, increase your impact, and fund your mission.

“Patrick gave our organization an opportunity to think broadly about how we are communicating with people on all levels – through email, mail, in person, social media, and our website – by evaluating communication strategies that are tied into our fundraising platforms and thinking through how to communicate with people most effectively.”
Angela Bomgaars, Executive Director, Extreme Community Makeover


You can create campaigns that use video, print, digital, social media and events to build a following, educate the public, and deliver experiences that will inspire a community to support your cause.

“Patrick helped us develop a robust marketing and fundraising strategy, getting us to a place where we have been able to secure financial stability by creating a diverse stream of funding sources.”
Frank Anello, Founder & ED
Project Worthmore


KAVANA Creative delivers capacity building and engagement strategies that extend the reach of a product, service, program or campaign. This is done by taking creative ideas and driving them through thoughtful common sense strategies.

“Patrick helped us transition to a new email platform, and created a new mobile friendly website, both of which were polished and professional representations of our organization that help us communicate the work we do with volunteers, donors, and our community.”
Angela Bomgaars, Executive Director, Extreme Community Makeover



“It was like a reason to live. It was a flourishing time in my life. I just felt good about myself. I just felt a sense of belonging…”
Rhonda’s story was the beginning of Denver’s second tiny home village for those experiencing homelessness.
“The campaign that we built, under Patrick’s leadership, highlighted themes that emerged directly from the words and experiences of villagers of the previous tiny home village. Our constituency then responded to the message by launching their own fundraisers that would go towards our funding goals. Patrick’s work is thoughtful, creative, and crisp. He communicates messages clearly through multiple mediums in a way that connects with human beings.”
Cole Chandler, Executive Director,
Colorado Village Collaborative

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